Social media marketing refers to the promotion of a service or product via social media channels. Although the terms’ digital advertising and e-marketing are more prevalent in academic circles, social media marketing increasingly has become popular for researchers and practitioners alike. The growing influence of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and YouTube means that this form of marketing has entered a new venue. There are a number of advantages to this strategy that should be examined to determine whether it should be considered for your business.

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For starters, the results have been impressive. It is not uncommon to see a campaign go viral, garnering tens of thousands of shares, likes, and comments within hours of being launched. The power of social strategy extends beyond that of traditional forms of promotion. Unlike a traditional form of promotion where the benefits are almost immediately realized, social media marketing allows you to track results over time. This allows you to identify your audience and target them specifically, allowing you to further adjust your approach as your audience grows.

Branding is an essential part of any business, and social media marketing provides a powerful opportunity to leverage this strategy. You can ensure that your brand remains high on the lists of search terms and related keywords through a variety of platforms. Whether you choose to launch promotional posts on your own website, or have your company handle all the social platforms for you, there is no denying the benefit of a strong brand presence. This helps to create trust and credibility, two crucial factors for a successful brand strategy.

A key benefit of using social media channels to further build your brand is that your message is reaching a much larger audience. This means that each message that you send out is reaching a much larger number of people than if you were to use other forms of marketing such as traditional advertising or SEO strategies. Each time you post a new post on one of the platforms, it is reaching your followers on the platform, as well as people who have mentioned you on their social profiles. As your audience grows, so too will the amount of trust in which you can project, ensuring that your brand remains consistent and clear across all platforms.

The power of my advertising is that you are able to reach a very large audience at little cost. Many SMM strategies require little to no capital to start. In fact, the best way to start is by creating a small marketing campaign using pay per click advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing, to generate traffic to your website. By advertising on these platforms, you can start to establish a presence for yourself in the market, and begin to build your brand reputation and brand loyalty. Once you have established a base of loyal customers and a steady stream of quality content, you can begin to branch out and create more specific campaigns using other advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads. This can help you target the right audience, helping to ensure that your social media marketing strategy is successful in reaching and engaging with your audience.

The power of social media marketing examples is not only evident from the figures alone, but also in the impact which this has on the perceived brand of the businesses using them. For example, some brands looking to increase customer reach and customer loyalty have used social media marketing examples, such as creating customer videos using YouTube and other social media sharing websites, as well as utilising images from social media websites such as Facebook. These images can be seen and shared in the timelines of many customers, helping to establish your brand and increase awareness. With so much going on in the market these days, with so much competition from so many brands looking to gain a foothold, it is vital to stay ahead of the game by using social media marketing to set your image and gain brand loyalty.