Grouping Elements in Canva

Canva’s grouping feature is an essential tool for designers who want to manipulate multiple elements at once. Whether you’re working on a complex infographic or a simple social media post, grouping can save you time and help maintain consistency across your design.

By grouping elements together, you can move, resize, or apply styles to them as a single unit, rather than adjusting each element individually.

To group elements in Canva, you simply need to select the items you wish to group by clicking on them while holding the Shift key. Once your elements are selected, you can group them by right-clicking and choosing ‘Group’ or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G on Windows or Cmd + G on Mac. It’s important to note that once elements are grouped, they can be ungrouped at any time, giving you flexibility in your design process.

Understanding how to effectively group elements can significantly enhance your efficiency in Canva. It allows for easier manipulation of your design, ensuring that everything aligns well and looks professional. Now, let’s take a look at the steps involved in grouping on Canva.

  • Selecting Elements
    • Click on an element to select it
    • Hold the Shift key and click on additional elements to add them to your selection
  • Grouping Elements
    • Right-click on the selected elements and choose ‘Group’
    • Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G (Windows) or Cmd + G (Mac)
  • Manipulating Grouped Elements
    • Click and drag to move the group
    • Use the corner handles to resize the group proportionally
    • Apply styles to the group as you would to a single element
  • Ungrouping Elements
    • Right-click on the group and choose ‘Ungroup’
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + G (Mac)
Function Description Keyboard Shortcut (Windows) Keyboard Shortcut (Mac)
Group Combine selected elements into a group Ctrl + G Cmd + G
Ungroup Break a group of elements into individual elements Ctrl + Shift + G Cmd + Shift + G
Select Multiple Elements Click and drag or hold Shift to select multiple elements Shift + Click Shift + Click
Resize Group Resize all elements in a group simultaneously Drag Corner Handle Drag Corner Handle
Move Group Move all elements in a group as one Click and Drag Click and Drag

Understanding the Basics of Grouping

Grouping elements in Canva is a fundamental skill that can save you time and ensure consistency across your design. When you group items, they become a single unit, allowing you to move or modify them without affecting other parts of your design. This is especially useful when working with complex designs that contain many layers and components. Understanding how to effectively group and ungroup elements will streamline your design process and improve the overall aesthetic of your creations.

Selecting Multiple Elements

Before you can group elements, you need to select them. Click on the first element you wish to group, then hold down the Shift key and click on additional elements. Alternatively, you can click and drag your mouse to create a selection box around the items you want to group. Canva will highlight selected elements, indicating that they’re ready to be grouped.

Grouping Elements Together

Once you have your elements selected, you can group them by right-clicking and choosing the ‘Group‘ option, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G (Command + G on Mac). A bounding box will appear around the grouped elements, showing that they are now linked. You can move and resize them as a single entity, which is incredibly useful for maintaining alignment and spacing.

Ungrouping Elements

If you need to make individual adjustments to elements within a group, you’ll need to ungroup them first. To do this, select the grouped items and right-click to find the ‘Ungroup‘ option, or press Ctrl + Shift + G (Command + Shift + G on Mac). The elements will then be separated, allowing you to edit each one independently. Remember that you can always regroup them once you’ve made the necessary changes.Group elements on Canva by selecting them and clicking 'Group' to organize and move designs with ease.

Editing Grouped Elements

Even though elements are grouped, you can still perform certain edits without ungrouping them. For example, you can change the color of all elements in a group simultaneously or apply effects to the entire group. To edit individual elements without ungrouping, double-click on the group and select the item you want to modify. This feature provides flexibility in the design process, allowing for quick adjustments while keeping the grouped structure intact.

Aligning and Distributing Groups

Grouping also helps with aligning and distributing multiple elements evenly on your canvas. After grouping, use the alignment tools in Canva to align the group to the center, left, right, top, or bottom of your canvas. Additionally, if you have multiple groups, you can distribute them evenly horizontally or vertically. These alignment options ensure a balanced and professional look for your designs. Read more articles about the topic Canva Coupon Code.

Layering and Grouping

Understanding the concept of layering is crucial when grouping elements. In Canva, each element sits on its own layer, and grouping does not merge these layers. Instead, it creates a hierarchy. You can move the entire group forward or backward among other layers. This is particularly useful when you need to place text over a complex background or when you’re layering multiple shapes and images.

Using Groups to Create Templates

Once you’ve mastered grouping, you can use this feature to create reusable templates. Group elements that form a common design structure, and save the design as a template. In the future, you can simply ungroup and replace the content as needed, while keeping the layout consistent. This is a time-saving approach for creating a series of cohesive designs, such as social media posts, business cards, or promotional materials. Read more articles about Canva Magic Write.

Shortcuts and Efficiency

Becoming familiar with keyboard shortcuts for grouping and ungrouping can significantly speed up your design process. Use Ctrl + G and Ctrl + Shift + G (or Command if you’re on a Mac) to quickly group and ungroup without navigating through menus. Over time, these shortcuts will become second nature, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your design rather than the mechanics.


Grouping on Canva is a powerful feature that can enhance your design workflow and help you create more polished and professional-looking graphics. By mastering the art of selecting, grouping, ungrouping, and editing grouped elements, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and with greater control over your designs. Remember to practice using these techniques and shortcuts to become more proficient in Canva’s grouping functionality.